This Intimate Apparel Maker Looks Like a Hot Investment

This Intimate Apparel Maker Looks Like a Hot Investment
L Brands is one of the largest retailers of women's apparels, with Victoria's Secret being its most well-known brand. Victoria's … Apart from this, L Brands' beauty and accessories business, where it operates under the brand Bath & Body Works (BBW …
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From Toothy Tabs to henna bricks – meet the woman who invents products for Lush
Her personal record has been creating a tonne of hand and body lotion from the workroom at Mark's house in a single day. … Helen's speciality is bases – she created the bubble bar base, which is a solid form of bubble bath, and also the Toothy Tabs base.
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13 New Ways To Display All The Photos You've Been Hiding And Hoarding
If you're like most people, there's a pretty good chance that your photos are in one of three places: on your phone or computer, still stuck on your camera or shoved somewhere in a scrapbook that you probably haven't even opened in at least a decade.
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